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学生园地 / 社团英文简介
GLEE flash choir was founded in 2012. Flash is based on the public interest, suddenly appeared to chorus or dance in public places and rapid evacuation activities. Proficient in GLEE singing and dancing sister school seniors who led a high mentees rehearsal in a relaxed atmosphere with kichiku dance show.
International Culture Club
It is a place where we can broad our horizons,learn foreign culture and make new friends.It is a home for Engliash lovers where you can express whatever you want to say. Just show apparents of yourself and have fun. 
MusiAca is a small chorus that perform in the form of A capella  , that we sing together without any musical instrument. This artistic form requires your love for voice, your trust and hamony with your companions. The club was founded in 2014, for the popularity of A capella that year, and it never stops improving.
Radiance Reading Community
   Welcome to Radiance------an English reading community! In the inspiration of foreign reading community, Radiance is set up to gather all those who are enthusiastic about English literature. We are here to experience native languages, explore deep cultural connotation and appreciate classical foreign movies. Improvements are also what we are expecting. Everyone will be warmly greeted as long as you are a fan of English.
The Science Association is a society which aims to discuss the knowledge of science and do interesting experiments. It’s free for everyone to share their knowledge and ideas, and inspired at the same time. Every class we will introduce an experiment and talk about the principles behind them. And every single member enjoys sharing with each other during the precious 40 minutes of our activity time.
Step Up
This is the Step-Up street-dancing club, the most modern, energetic in the turbulence of fickleness. We are surely to present the excellentperformances. That’s our style and we are firm on the way to success.
Our α-Astronomy Club was founded in 2009. With more and more students joining in, I‘m sure that she will become stronger in the nearly future. We want to give a wonderful plat form to all the students who fall in love with the starry sky.
Loving Heart Club is a group full of the positive energy.It is we that transmit love which is filled with passion.We are just no distractions,waiting to bloom.Our club is always believing that we are supposed to do what we can to spread our help and lead the spirit in society.
Here you can learn about a treasure in Chinese history.
Here you can try the taste of different kinds of tea.
Here you can enjoy a quite time with friends around the world.
Here is Tea Club.
We are always right here waiting for you.
It’s one of the biggest and the most famous clubs in Dalian NO.24 Senior High School. It is a place where you can find out your hidden abilities. You can be a handsome cameraman here; you can sit in front of the camera and try to be a news reporter with a bright smile. At the same time, you can learn a lot about after effects. Here you can see something that is magical and try to make an interesting movie by yourself. We are family here in 24 TV Studio.
24°ACG Office
In our name ”ACG”, “A” means ” Animation”, “C” means “ comic”, and “G” means” game”. We present wonderful club class like rubber carving, anime dubbing, animations watching and so on. And we also organize colorful afterschool activities such as watching animation films, visiting the ACG shows…… Moreover, we express our emotion and show our imagination by launching our own club magazines. We are more likely to a united and warm family than an ordinary club.
Our faith: Believe the power of the dream.
Name: Whispered Wind Drama Club
Tenet: Release yourself, express your life.
Since: 2008
The Introduction of Chamber Orchestra Association
Chamber Orchestra association contributes to providing a musical platform and atmosphere for students during their three-year senior high school life. Up to now, part of the members have joined the recording of Dalian Television programme ’Time of Cai Yang: Thank you ’. Meanwhile, all members have performed music The World’s Restriction at the school New Year’s Party many times. The communication at the association class and performance experience broaden members’ musical horizon quite a lot.
No matter what you play, guitar or violin, flute or saxophone, you can find your position here. Because of music. Because of enthusiasm. Because of love.
The Campus Radio Station is among the best 10 organizations of Dalian No.24 senior high school. Being in charge of daily broadcasting missions, we present our programmes concerning music, international news, science, literature appreciations and so forth to students every noon. By doing such, we intend to endow the students with exhilaration and joy.
Our society is based on our same interest of Chinese traditional culture especially in Chinese history and ancient literature. We offer 40-minute speech of different topics about Chinese culture by our members every week as our regular activities. We gather here to share our opinions and the joy of enjoying the beauty of our own culture.
Do you know EXO, Bigbang, and girls generation, would you like to know more about Korean culture, our k-pop club will give you news about Korean stars and a space for you to enjoy yourself.
K-pop club is a place for students who like to know or have been loving the Korean culture to communicate with each other about the latest news in Korea.
The members in the club can learn about the Korean language,drama, local food, the K-pop music, dancing and so on. These activities may also help them realize their dreams of stardom.
Painting club
Having the purpose of drawing the rainbow in our hearts ,the 24th senior high school painting club gains great reputation among the students.Here,which is called the heaven for painting lovers,is the best place for students who are into drawing to realize their art dreams and make friends with fellows who have similar hobby.
Dalian 24 high school ocean protection club was founded by international department students Pan Zhuohan in 2015, its aim is to improve students' consciousness of Marine environmental protection, Marine conservation knowledge propaganda, and deliver the concept of ocean environmental protection professional to each student. This community has a global professional   diving agency PADI as a reserve force, it can fully meet the needs of students for diving training, let the student to learn diving skills, and then students can join in the professional Marine conservation. Community specifically divides the internal departments, such as planning department, communication department, propaganda department which can ensure ocean protection club’s club member will realize the basic process of large-scale activities, this is very helpful for students after joining the social development in the future. At present, there are 50 students in the club and still in constant increase, our corporate philosophy is "professional environmental protection is the effective environmental protection”
 Established in 2008,the Correspondent Station is now one of the most creditable clubs.We welcome everyone who is interested in photography and interview,or just curious about journalism.There are often some specialized training and language classes.You will doubtless gain friendships,confidence as well as social skills.Would you like a free and fun club?Join us and let yourself go !
Aerobics is a sport where you can find yourself, change yourself and finally improve yourself.
Our theme: Burn your bloom of youth, and then give yourself a breakthrough.
Established in September 2010, the Militarist Union is the only club which is to nurture students` quality of military and politics and core socialist values, and to unity the students who has the Comprehensive cognition, thought, visionary ambition and International vision. The Militarist Union has held many activities, such as G16 summit, Simulation of nuclear disarmament conference and the first activity of the International vision forum. In future, the Militarist Union will establish the Dalian Political and Military Club Union. To be the cradle of pluse custodians of the world, the international situation prophet as well as high talents and the leader, is what we wants to be.
More than making a book,
we are completely part of the school.
As a symbol of her,
you are proud of me,
and I’m proud of you.
We are from basketball club.As you can see,we welcome those who regard basketball as a part of their life. Come and enjoy yourselves.
Instruction of Chinese folk music club
Always be proud of our ancestors’ wisdom.
Embrace the energy of immortal Chinese culture.
Bring a revival for Chinese classical music.
Enjoy the beauty of traditional Chinese music.
Let us all mesmerize in the melody of this unique form of music.
Model United Nations is an academic stimulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international, relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. In this place, you can always enjoy the atmosphere of academic and improve yourself a lot and we are pleased to accept all people who has a willing to join us.
Seeking for craziness? You have come to the right place! Join us to explore a brand new word of magic and fantasies. You will not want to miss all the parties we hold if you are a big fan of Western films ,music and comics.
The purpose of establishing this club is to set up a stage for people who enjoy dubbing. Each club member can get a chance to dub for at least one character in one scene. At the same time, we concentrate on the target of dubbing for a film and covering songs.
Dalian No.24 table tennis club was founded in 2008, after the baptism of wind and rain for 8 years. It has become one of the oldest societies, which has “outstanding student associations in Dalian ””outstanding student organization “and many other awards.
What’s more ,we set up a table tennis team to participate competition in Dalian, and have achieved excellent results.
Youth Power
Youth Power,with the concept of charity,focuses on holding social activities.We aim to improve students' abilities in expanding social relationship,and to set practical sections,bringing charitable theory into practice.Now,we expect our league continues to enlarge its seale to spread our concept of charity to more individuals.
Sit down, keep quiet, write anything you want, and maybe you will find yourself here.
The writing club is a place that you can enjoy yourself and develop yourself on your own. Everyone here gets together to try to be a better one that he or she always wants to be. You can leave a great memory of this three years here, and welcome you to join us.
              The Dancing Club
Founded in 2011 ,pleasure and experience have always been the insistence of the Dancing Club . Not only can we benefit from the systematic training but also achieve precious friendships here .To follow the voice from the bottom of your heart ,join us and just dance!
Xia’an Engineering Club
A league which is full of technology.Here,we discuss the question about engineering,teach some skills of engineering.This league is founded in 2014. Although we don’t have a long history,we all have passion.I believe,we will have a bright future.
Love is the first step to obtain knowledge and interest is the best teacher. If you love DIY,come and join us.Make handicrafts,spread Chinese culture, and have fun here.
Set up in 2014, skycruise psychological association aims at helping develop members’ sound personality and offering cool trivia . In the form of speeches, each member has a chance to share their favorite books and films concerned on psychology. Not only can the scientific knowledge be gained by our members, they are able to form precious friendships.
Our Badminton Club is where you can explore your potential in the process of having fun. We have come together out of great love and enthusiasm for badminton. It is not a club of many people, while each of us is extraordinarily distinguished! 
Excellent Scheme
Are you curious about the logo at the right corner of the posts in the hall?
Are you always dreaming of this mysterious power appearing here and there?
Show you a best platform, master a Technology, create your idea, and make what you like into reality.
Join us, occupy the lower right corner of the magic world together.
The Football League
We are the football league.
Differentiated from professionals, we are football plays that are less skilled.
We play only for the conviction that we like playing football and because of that, we play without hesitation.
We didn’t confess to anyone who reckons that we played inifuitously, but we do not condemn him either for he never really unstrme the power motivated by one’s mclination.
We’re passinnate and fierce, and we proceed wnwaveringly toward our dreams.